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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 5:00am-5:30am PST

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s and media and increaseing a warness so building on this conference is something that i hink is tremendous valuable and not just for the nside water community. second, simple public awareness i want to mention because it came out of our experience in california. a number of agencies decided to support, the bill, ab 32, that started because they asked themselves conversation with folks woing n climate issues, if they thought we needed a mantory cap on greenhouse gases, and the answer after it got agreat deal of thought the answer was yes, it's not a silver bullet but it is part of the solution. >> a number of them said why don't you start with sayin
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that publically. it's not taking opposition on legislatn but that srt of policy statement to the general public that climate change has significant impact and we can't just plan for the worst case scenario, we have to think of it's an a policy issue efore we get to regulatory and that's something we urge to get the public o think about. >> i think conveying to people what we realize and >>iwe' ocused on loca lutidueenhouse
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work we're talking about here today. with all the partners the local agencies a others and there is a public engage meant component as part of that. when we develothe plan one element we try to o is reach out to community groups and stake holders. i think that's one place california already has a process in place and it would be helpful for all of us to focus on climate change as part of that process. >> thank you. >> good morning. larry wion. i'm thinking as a product of this summit that e should come up with a statement of the reality of science as we see it today. we ll agree hat certain
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things really happening. we ought to state the obvious. a statement from this summit signed on to by the participants here and if we can do that along with some of the back up issues about the action plans and stuff like that we can probably put out a product with a value of national interest. >> i think w're not going to try to take action today, but in the follow up that we'll be circulating and tpne no we coue th interms public
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adyobt ng leto do questns. so pe yon a tis a mmt. i ouldncoage water nage and peoinclude maers to or includeor sps anin thproce erly onrther anlateie meich as ocown througisto where water ecio plationsave egave impactpecies that we end up dealinwithin confrtational ways so if we can get stted with tt earlier rathhan later, that od e ood. nk you. i think w need to move on. i aoge. les take a ew minutes
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thinking abo legislative actions and that's local, state d sertimes in coons yestery i heard congress omments and how o engage them, ctainly california, the lcal wer authorities have a live relationship as with their legislatives as wedo in new york so i would lovesome thghtsbouthat. chk, i thought we wuld start with you. >> i think the's a couple of things reling back to public engagement issue. i thought aboumy city cuncil sitting here yesterday and one meer is eallya cma change ge. he's the chair of my subcommittee o foriit's easy to sit down and talk abt this but or many officials,
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whether it's boards or commsis you report to, it's not - if you ant t sit dwn and have this discussion, it's not going to m shohs slator whothink go ats
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